Haar Helped Sirbu & Sima Lawyers to Achieve Digital Transformation


• Industry: Legal
• Location: Bucharest, RO
• Employees: 2-10

About the Company

Founded in 2014, Sirbu & Sima Lawyers have combined critical legal expertise with commercial nous and strategic thinking.

With offices all over Eastern Europe, its mission has always been to help clients build businesses and services that fall into these three key areas - Identify, Grow & Protect.

Sirbu & Sima Lawyers became number one in intellectual property, litigation, commercial, corporate, cyber and privacy & data protection laws.

The Background

As Sirbu & Sima Lawyers became a recognized brand in Eastern Europe with a valued and lengthy history around personal and business services, they required an IT partner to help them achieve digital transformation.

The IT partner had to provide easy access to their data, searchable documents, support remote and mobile workers, GDPR/ISO 27001 certification, security and penetration tests supporting multiple applications, all built on a fully agile and scalable infrastructure.

The Challenge

As with all legal companies looking to achieve a successful digital transformation, Haar first looked into their brand vision and how their data classification, protection and security were targeting their audience.

Like most leading legal companies, Sirbu & Sima Lawyers were moving toward a digital future, so that they could leverage their new cloud solutions and attract new clients and businesses.

With no IT background and having already a lot on their plate, they needed a partner able to do a lot of heavy lifting, that also had the knowledge and capacity to design and execute the entire cloud and security strategy.

& Improvements

Our partnership with Sirbu & Sima Lawyers not only has increased their working speed and efficiency, but it also has made a huge improvement to their data storage, retention and security.

The legal company has reported that documents can now be found with a 40% increase in speed, there is a 99.9% reduction in data loss and 100% improvement on access for mobile or remote workers.

Until now, there has been a total of zero security breaches, which stands to prove that their new military grade security has achieved its purpose.

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The Solution

Haar partnered with Sirbu & Sima Lawyers, supporting their digital transformation journey. The company has to interact and communicate with both their clients and opposing counsel on a daily basis, a process that relies directly on the reliability of remote file sharing and access to business data.

After our team understood their technology needs and explored their current IT infrastructure, we designed a tailored military grade security cloud based on the highest security and encryption standards to keep their clients data safe and secure.

We first designed a fully redundant cloud solution with over six layers of security, such as hardware and software firewalls, control policies, WAF and Cloudflare. Then we supported and trained their management team and staff on adapting to the new digital tools and systems, and at the same time, ensuring all is connected and protected under the new infrastructure.

As Sirbu & Sima Lawyers IT partner, Haar knows that a digital transformation is a continuous journey, that’s why our team keeps on improving, maintaining and growing their business along with their growing demands. The fully scalable VMWare based cloud already implemented makes it easier to add or remove resources.


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